A Christmas Kind of Way

by Messenger & The Brighter Day Youth Choir

With the holidays approaching we wrote a Christmas Song that we hope you will enjoy. The music can be purchased at most internet music digital stores like I Tunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Beats Music, Target Music, and many more beginning December 2021, HAPPY HOLIDAYS from MESSENGER


Dino Stewart – Bass Guitar/Vocals • Vic Butler – Lead Guitar/Vocals • Bob Butler – Keyboards/Vocals • John Moore – Drums/Keyboards/Vocals • Julio Hanson – Lead Singer • Dwayne Lewis – Saxophonist

Ours was a long road, but we made it. Our first album. We would first like to thank the most high for making this all possible. Our heart felt thanks extends to our families that supported us and to our friends and colleagues who added their talents in helping to make this MJB project come to life:

To our mothers, Flora Mae Moore, Valendra Jackson and Mary Butler. You are our 37th Place.
To Julio Hanson – Your lead vocals inspire. You are the best and we thank you so much.
To the members of the extraordinary Gospel group, Eclectic Praise, We would like to thank Marcus Petitt, Shawn K. Moore and Rosalind Smith for such soulful background vocals.
To Steve Creason – Your guitar rocks! Thanks for rocking it with us.
To Wayne Peet, Newzone Studio – The second we stepped in your studio, we knew this was where the journey would start for us. Thanks so much for adding some very nice musical contributions to the music and getting it all on tape.
To Company Napoleon – Thanks for your help with our website and presenting our video library
To Rodney Shannon – Thanks for the camera work capturing the “Stars” for our video.

“The first step is always the hardest.
What you learn from each subsequent step you take, will ultimately show the worth of the journey you will make.”



(Official Video )
Written and performed by Messenger 1986




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A Christmas Kind of Way by Messenger with the Brighter day Children’s Choir // christmas
  1. A Christmas Kind of Way by Messenger with the Brighter day Children’s Choir // christmas