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08 October 2014

Messenger Brings Its Own Brand Of Music To SMC

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messenger-brings-its-own-brand-of-music-to-smcBy TERRI LINGARD/DONOVAN BARRINGTON MARSHALL Corsair Staff Writers

Image is not all “Messenger” has to deliver, but one could argue that it’s a large part of their show. The band will lay down a strong R & B-based pop sound in its concert for the Santa Monica College student body tomorrow in the campus amphitheater at 11 a.m. The Messenger band consists of Doni McDaniels (lead singer), Dino Stewart (bass player), Victor Butler (lead guitarist), Johnny Moore (drummer), Bobby Jackson (keyboardist), and Flash (keyboardist). Along with their popular brand of surging music, Messenger displays a flamboyant personal touch which also adds to their emerging recognition. Lead singer McDaniels says,”l wear spandex pants—highlighting my fairly in-shape body.” The other

members of the band are costumed in flashy long-length satin jackets, scarves, pajamas—exotic and strange, “Miami Vice” styled suit and, profound as it may sound, a mask. “Despite the different personalities within the group, our main function is togetherness; from that, the music comes together for our audience. There’s no real ego trip. We all want the best for the band,” the lead singer said. McDaniels also noted, “All the guys have their own unique flavor, so we collaborate to form the Messenger sound’.” The sound comprises pop and funk, which are the basics of Rhythm and Blues. Together, with the image and sound, Messenger adds flair with its choreography, which was worked out by Bobby Jackson and Dino Stewart, McDaniels said. Messenger caters to a mixed crowd, but McDaniels observ-

ed,”Sixty to 70 percent of our audience are females.” This large percent is attracted by the “sensuality” of the band, generated through its sexy images as well as from the “Prince”-like appearance and masculine physique of McDaniels. Messenger believes they are on a mission from God. They say that God should be given credit for all their “great responses.” The bands apparent road to greatness was linked to their performance at Madame Wong’s West, which lead to its opening at the Beverly Theatre. Messenger also had two songs featured in an ABCTV movie “Brotherhood Of Justice,” and soon they’ll be headed to the studios to cut some records for an album. “Messenger is about reality and we are sensually positive,”McDaniel said. Also he added, “We’re definitely looking forward to performing at SMC.”


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